Advertising my business

What will more sales, more enquires and more clients mean to your business and your life? Will it provide you and your family with the lifestyle you dreamed of when you started this business? The way you advertise business and which advertiser you choose to manage your advertising will also have a large impact on your end goal: your lifestyle.

When your advertising business, here’s some crucial areas you’ll want help with from The Online Experts below.

Who is my market?

Who are your customers? What drives them and makes them choose your business owner your competitiors? These are the first questions we ask clients who engage The Online Experts to advertise their business online. Knowing these answers will greatly increase the results your advertising will bring to your business.

Where and when is the best time for advertising my business?

There are many advertising platforms to choose online to advertise on. Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads are the most popular and each has their own advantages and disadvantages for business advertising.

  • Facebook -If your business has a specific demographic, such as women aged between 20 – 45 in Sydney, then Facebook gives you the ability to advertise directly to these people.
  • Google AdWords - Google AdWords, the largest advertising platform online, gives you the ability to display ads to customers activtely searching for your products or services.
  • LinkedIn - LinkedIn is really well tailored to target professionals and decision makers in B2B markets.

The best time for adverting business again depends on your market. If you’re targeting middle management in large corporations, then you’ll be best to show your ads during business hours and pause them after hours and on weekends. This way you’re ensuring you get the maximum opportunity from your ads and not paying for irrelevant times of the day when your market isn’t really online.

What makes great advertising business campaigns?

What makes a campaign great as opposed to good? The difference is how good your understanding is of your market and the features your advertising platform gives your business. A great campaign uses both. Let’s use an example:

Jason is a concreter who works for large construction companies. He wants to grow his business and win more contracts. He wants to invest $3,000 each month on advertising.
The best strategy for Jason who is in a B2B market targeting decision makers. He spends half his money on Google AdWords on keywords such as “Sydney Concreter” and the other half on LinkedIn Ads targeting Project Managers in Sydney working in Construction companies.
Within the first month, Jason realises he is getting 20% higher enquiries from LinkedIn and decides to focus on this market to get the most out of each dollar he is spending. Jason soon is presented with the opportunity to tender for 3 large concrete contracts from these companies in his first campaign with The Online Experts.

Testing and measuring when advertising business

The above example also brings up another key requirement to successful advertising. Jason measured the results from both advertising platforms and upon seeing the results, made an educated decision to switch his advertising dollars to a platform that provided a better return. This is what separates a great campaign from a good campaign and is integral in the way The Online Experts advertisers for Australian business owners like yourself.

What’s the number one priority in your business right now?

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