Starting a business

Woohoo! You've decided to start a business. Starting a business is really exciting. The opportunity to take control of your life and the potential to earn unlimited income drives most people to take that first step and start a business. But what steps do you take when starting a new business?

Online essentials when starting a business

We won’t go in to the legal or tax obligation side of business – that’s boring. The exciting part of business is creating your brand and making sales from customers and clients. Here’s what you’ll need to do straight away to get started, and it’s quick and easy:

What's special about your business?

One area we really need to discuss with prospective business owners is: What makes your business different from the rest? USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition, and is a fancy acronym meaning the difference between you and your competitors. . You must work this out. This is by far the most important part of your new business venture and literally is the difference between winning and losing.

Why does your business deserve to succeed? Why do customers need to speak with you and not your competitor next door? Customer service today isn’t enough. Every other business knows how valuable customer service is, and it’s just one part of the value they’re already providing your market.

The beauty of having a powerful USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is that this is the reason most of your customers will get in touch with you in the first place. It could be the product has a patent and protected by IP (Intellectual Property) laws, it could be that you really are the experts in your field and no other competitor can provide as much insight and experience in to your products/services as you.

Getting customers and clients online

Now you’ll need to have a really strong way to get customers to your door or to your website. For people starting a business, it may be a little scary cold calling and approaching prospective customers. This is the reason most people give up starting a business to begin with.
But with the internet now providing more connections between customers and businesses than any other platform, you’re strategy should be to get customers to make contact with you.

Here’s some information on the best ways to get customers to make contact with you:

  • How do I get more business?
  • How to get customers
  • How to get new business

What’s the number one priority in your business right now?

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